About Us

“We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled but as candles to be lit.”

– Robert H. Shaffer

Our Mission

To establish a fun and safe teaching daycare where children will not only love to learn but learn to love.

At The Good Shepherd Daycare, all staff are united in common philosophies which together they implement to ensure that the fullest standards of education are provided.

Our daycare is governed by the following philosophies:

  • We believe that each child is unique and has intrinsic strengths and talents that need to be discovered and reinforced
  • We believe that children are at their highest capacity for learning between birth to five years old
  • We believe that supervised play is an essential tool in the social, intellectual, emotional, physical and moral development of a child.
  • We believe in providing children with a harmonious environment and a balanced, well-rounded education
  • We believe that a positive environment produces positive children who will become positive influences in society
  • We believe that a daycare should not only build knowledge but also build character
  • We believe in a loving, God-centered daycare environment
  • We believe that the introduction of basic Christian moral values is essential in the development of children
  • We believe in creating a caring and loving environment for the children
  • We believe that self-esteem is the foundation that empowers children to learn anything they can and want to learn

We believe that today’s children will be the VOICE of tomorrow…
So we believe in a daycare that provides:

skills to make the right
Choices in everyday life situations,
and a well-rounded
Education that’s both fun and structured.


The Good Shepherd Daycare is committed to bringing out the intrinsic strengths and talents of the children and create activities that stir their imagination and develop each child’s basic skills. Our promise is to look after the welfare of each child as if they were our very own.