Circle Time:
Storytelling, show and tell, singing and endless discoveries about things in our world through weekly themes developed from bible stories.

Discovery Play
With teacher guidance, learning through play in our different learning stations provides valuable learning opportunities for developing personal and social skills.

Healthy morning and afternoon snacks are provided. Snacktime is a great opportunity for teaching the children table manners and mealtime prayers.

Outdoor Play
Free play in our spacious playground is a fun way to develop social and large motor skills and discover nature.

Naptime after lunch provides time for rest and time to grow.  A great opportunity to teach bedtime prayers.


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Music & Movement
Children discover what their bodies can do through fun  body movements and rhythm.

Music Circle
Learning songs and developing musical skills through Kindermusik – a special music program designed for preschoolers.

Mass & Benediction
The children receive special blessings weekly from our Parish Priest during the daily mass at the church.

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