Anna & Frank Chung

Our love for the Good Shepherd Daycare began more than 7 years ago when our firstborn was just starting to walk at 13 months old. Two years went by and our son’s growth and development was most impressive. In all areas, our son would routinely come home to amaze us with what he learned at daycare. Ultimately, the care and love and structure of the Good Shepherd Daycare helped our son secure 1 of only 9 available openings at the Pre-K3 IB school that was at the very top of our list. When we had our second child years later, we found ourselves back at the Good Shepherd Daycare, despite having to commute through six municipalities to get there each morning and pickup in the afternoon. We had moved and now there was a 45km distance between the our childrens’ school and the Good Shepherd daycare. Now, after two years more of this commute, I will say that it was all worth it !! Our daughter, also found a similar experience to her brother at the daycare. An experience of love, and care and deep critical learning geared towards her personality and interests. We were so happy, when she also was accepted into her brother’s school for Pre-K3 after two years of development at the Good Shepherd Daycare. As for the daycare itself.. The owner/operator, Joey, is fantastic. She is caring, understanding and takes her time to organize every little detail around the daycare, the learning material and the relationships with the many families at the daycare. The premises are always super clean and well maintained and the staff are all well trained and also exhibit lots of loving and caring attitudes. This daycare isn’t run like the other franchise model daycares. All the staff work at this daycare because they love children and love working hard to develop each child individually. Finally, the daycare is well positioned within a residential area, away from busy streets and the dangers of heavy traffic. (Continued)

I would recommend this daycare to all families who are looking for a place to care for their infants and toddlers and wish to know that their children are growing and learning in an environment enormous amounts of Love and Care.