Jessica Wang

We came to Good Shepherd for the first time in 2016 when my daughter was just shy of turning 1. Not having done a ton of research of daycares and different “educational philosophies” each centre offered, I decided to just go with my gut and trusted that this place – run by a passionate, music loving and energetic lady – couldn’t be bad at all.

As it turned out, now 4 years later and we are (not) ready to say goodbye, this place is more than “not bad” at all.

Joey is loving and she leads her team with love. The teachers provided a warm and fun environment for the kids while keeping them disciplined. Each holiday and especially summer and Christmas time there would be celebrations, crafts and story times to enrich the kids with the important values and create memories.

As a parent there is nothing more important for me to know that each morning when I drop off my child, not only would she be safe but also be happy at the end of the day. Many days when I pick up, Amelia didn’t even want to leave and I think that says a lot about the centre, the teachers and the atmosphere they have created for the children.

Joey we love you so much and we are ever so grateful for your centre. Your tireless effort to keep us working parents going during this pandemic is even more appreciated on top of everything else you have done for us.

Its not goodbye! Its see you later! Keep well!