Kelly & David Smeke

Our daughters Bia and Gaby have spent 3.5 years at Good Shepherd Daycare and our girls loved their time at daycare.

Teachers were always nice, caring and helpful to our girls and to us as well, Bia and Gaby will always have a wonderful memory from their years spent at Good Shepherd Daycare.

Good Shepherd Daycare was their second home where they spent most of their time during the week, they have gone potty training, learning how to talk, how to read letters and spell names. Definitely Good Shepherd Daycare teachers have worked so hard to help the girls to achieve their goals and help them to be ready for the next step of their lives, which is the Elementary School.

And the most important thing is that they have grown truly believing in God, praying and loving to help to people which they learned at daycare.

Joey (the owner) is a wonderful person who always does anything to help people. She has got friends here and she can count on us always!!!!

Really, we have no words to express our gratitude and do recommend Good Shepherd Daycare to anyone. (We are so sad to say Good bye!)

Should you have any questions, please do reach out at anytime.